University of California, Santa Barbara, 1958-62, B.A., Major: Tutorial Program [Inter-disciplinary]

University of Washington, 1962-65; M.A. 1964, PhD 1965; Philosophy




University of California, Santa Barbara, 1965-73, Assistant Professor

California State University, Fullerton, 1973–2005; Associate Professor 1973-77, Professor 1977 - 2005

CSU Faculty Early Retirement Program, June 2000, Full retirement June 2005

CSUF Part-time lecturer, 2005-2010


University of Utah, Summer, 1970, Philosophy

University of Sussex, Brighton, England, 1980-81, History and Social Studies of Science




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Being hired as a part-time faculty after my five years of FERPing were finished meant being pushed to the very bottom of the salary scale (a University rule.)  But otherwise little changed in my teaching: I maintained a two course load per term for the first two years.  The department continued to ask me to teach the same courses I had been teaching, very typically now as a sabbatical replacement or for courses they hadn't yet got around to hiring someone to take my place to do  So I was teaching stuff I basically knew and could concentrate on learning more deeply.  The one course where that wasn't true was a Contemporary Moral Issues class - as usual when I teach anything having to do with ethics I am mediocre.  I could have kept teaching for quite a while - with a single problem.  I was near the end of my capacity to grade papers.  That led me to cut my teaching back to a single course in Fall 2007.  However, I returned to the two course schedule in the Spring semester and continued. I had to have knee surgery in the Fall of 2010 and so couldn't teach; the recovery lasted into the Spring semester 2011.  I took that year as something of a medical leave.  But when asked to return in the Fall of 2011, I paused to think: perhaps this was the appropriate time to really retire from teaching since I had technically been retired for 11 years.  And so I decided that I would not return to teaching.  Hence there shall be no more adventures in teaching to cit here.


Lower Division: Introduction to Philosophy; Introduction to Logic; Argument and Reasoning; Introduction to Western Philosophy (Honors); Greek Philosophy

Upper Division: Metaphysics; Epistemology; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Mind; Social Philosophy; Philosophy of History; Methods of Inquiry; Descartes; Hume; Berkeley; Rationalism and Empiricism; Modern Philosophy; Analytic Philosophy; Philosophy of Science; Ethics; Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion; Contemporary Moral Issues; Introduction to Women's Studies; Philosophical Writing; Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy; Seminar in Ancient Philosophy; Senior Honors Seminar; Independent Study; Directed Study

Interdisciplinary Courses (Upper Division): CSUF: Liberal Studies Program: Liberal Studies in the Natural Sciences; Environmental Studies Program: Introductory Seminar; University of Sussex: Science and Its Image of Man; Sociology of Scientific Knowledge; Concepts, Goals, and Methods in the Natural Sciences; Moral and Political Philosophy of a Technological Society


UCSB: Seminars in the Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language; University of Utah: Metaphysics; University of Sussex: Seminar in Science, Society and Man


People and Machines: Philosophical Problems of Technology; Man's Responsibility for Nature


Kent Linville (Epistemology), 1972 (Mr. Linville has now retired from Oxford College of Emory University); Norman Prigge (Metaphysics), 1974 (Mr. Prigge has now retired from California State University, Bakersfield)

    PH. D C0MMITTEES SERVED ON (Where Dissertation was Completed)

Edward Mooney (Ethics and Philosophy of Religion), 1969 (Mr. Mooney is now retired from Sonoma State University and teaching at Syracuse University); Richard Reilly (Ethics), 1972 (Mr. Reilly is now retired from St. Bonaventure University)


James Hadley (Kierkegaard), 1969; Robert Snyder (Epistemology), 1971; Maurice Greene (M.A. in the Social Sciences), 1995


Alex Gerber (Philosophical Psychology) 1967-69; Michael Cox (Existential Psychology and Philosophy) 1969-1971




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44.  'Science as the Conceptual Foundation of Human Thought: Two Cases of Scientism', World Congress of Philosophy, Athens, Greece, 2013

45.  'Naturalism and Normativity', CSUF 2013


1. Sabbatical Leave, UCSB, Fall 1969

2. Mutual Education Exchange Program (Fulbright), Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1980-81

3. Sabbatical Leaves, CSUF, Spring 1983, Spring 1990

4. NSF Chautauqua Short Course, 'Personalities of 20th Century Physics', 1983

5. Professional Encouragement Fund Grants, CSUF, 1983, 1984 (two)

6. Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, CSUF, 1986-87, 1988-89

7. Distinguished Professor Award, Humanities and Social Science, CSUF, 1994

8. First Annual Distinguished Faculty Award Lecture, 1994

9. FIPSE Grant Proposal, 'Fullerton Integrated General Education Pilot Project', 1994 (not funded)

10. PSSI (two-steps), CSUF, Fall 1996

11. Sabbatical Leave, CSUF, Fall 1997

12. CSUF Outstanding Service Recognition Award, Spring 1997

13. Director, HSS London Semester, Spring 2001


1. Reviewed and made publication recommendations on manuscripts for Wadsworth Publishing: 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1975

2. Invited participant in two conferences on Political Philosophy sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies, 1970 (USC) and 1971 (USF)

3. Chaired the Special Invited Bicentennial Address at the Pacific Division of the APA, 1976

4. Panel member, 'On the Status of the Philosophy of Technology', APA Pacific Division, 1977

5. Participant in the Proposal Writing Workship, sponsored by Humanities and Social Science, CSUF, 1978

6. Reviewed and made publication recommendations on two manuscripts for McGraw-Hill Publishing, 1979

7. Outside personnel evaluator, Department of Philosophy, CSC Bakersfield, 1979

8. Participated in CSU Conference on Critical Thinking, 1982

9. Post-publication review of a book for Holt, Rinehar Winston, 1982

10. Outside personnel evaluator, Pitzer College, 1983

11. Discussion Panel Member: Critical Thinking, Articulation Council of California, 1985

12. Reviewed and made publication recommendations on a manuscript for Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1985

13. Wrote Essay for Environ (Newsletter of the Environmental Studies Program), CSUF, 1985

14. Reviewer, Philosophy Summer Stipend Panel, National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington D.C., 1987 and 1988

15. Reviewed and made publication recommendations for Mayfield Publishing, 1989, 1993

16. Panel Member, 1995 Interdisciplinary Studies Conference, Association for Integrative Studies, Phoenix, September 1995

17. Invited and accepted as external reviewer for CSU Sacramento Philosophy Department (had to cancel as no common time available), 1995

18. Participated in project 'A Plan for Improving College Graduates' Abilities to Think Critically, Communicate Effectively, and Solve Problems', Center for the Study of Higher Education, The Pennsylvania State University, 1995-96

19. Consultant, Grant Application to the California Council for the Humanities, 'Cultures of the Disabled'

20. Member, Program Committee, APA Pacific Division, 1996- 97, 1997-98, 1998-99

21. Chaired Session, APA Pacific Division, 1997, 1998, 2015

22. Co-Organizer, NAWS APA Pacific Division, 2000, 2002. 2003, 2004, 2005

23. Assessor, Research Proposal, Killam Research Fellowship,The Canada Council for the Arts/Le Conseil des Arts du Canada, 2001

24. President, NAWS, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

25. Attended World Congress of Philosophy, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003

26. Chair, Invited Papers on Naturalized Epistemology, APA Pacific Division, 2004

27. Attended APA Pacific Division Meetings most years

28. Attended many papers and conferences at UCSB, CSUF, UCI, UCR, UCLA, USC and the Claremont Colleges over the years

29. Chair, Author Meets Critics session on Michael Lynch's True to Life, APA Pacific Division, 2005

30.  Attended World Congress of Philosophy, Athens, Greece, 2013



1. Academic Freedom Committee, UCSB, 1966-68

2. Committee on Undergraduate Courses, UCSB, 1971

3. University Research Committee, CSUF, 1974-76, 1985-87

4. Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects, CSUF, Chair 1974-76, Member 1976-77

5. Professional Leaves Committee, CSUF, Member 1983-84, Chair 1984-85, 1998-Fall 2000

6. Committee to Select Outstanding Professor, Member 1984-85, Chair 1985-86

7. Ad Hoc Committee on Proposed South County Facility, Chair 1984-87

8. Academic Senate, CSUF, 1987-89, 1989-90

9. South County Senate Oversight Committee, Chair 1987-88

10. Honors Board, 1987-88

11. University Library Committee, 1987-88

12. Ad Hoc Committee on Restructuring the Linguistics Department, Chair 1992

13. Ad Hoc Committee on Restructuring the School of Human Development and Community Service, 1993-94

14. Ad Hoc Committee to Evaluate 1995-96 Planning Initiative Proposals

15. Ad Hoc Committee on Personnel Guidelines, 1998-99


1. Committee on Arts and Lectures, UCSB, 1967-68

2. Chancellor's Ad Hoc Committee on the New Consciousness Workship, UCSB, 1969

3. Committee on Arts and Lectures, Sub-committee on Special Lectureships, UCSB, 1971-72

4. Ad Hoc Liberal Studies Curriculum Committee, CSUF, 1974

5. HSS Space Committee, 1975-76

6. HSS Group III Commencement Committee, Member 1975-76, Chair 1976-77

7. CSUF Selection Committee for NEH Summer Stipends, 1976-78

8. Evaluator, Program Performance Review, Department of Psychology, 1978

9. HSS Program Performance Review Oversight Committee, 1979-80

10. HSS Grants Committee, Chair, 1979-80

11. HSS NEH Summer Stipends Review Committee, 1981

12. Evaluator, Program Performance Review, M.A in the Social Sciences, 1982

13. President's Task Force on Science and Technology, 1981-82

14. Evaluator, Program Performance Review, Department of Political Science, 1984

15. HSS Humanities Research Committee, 1985-87

16. HSS Awards and Scholarships Committee, 1986-87

17. HSS Budget Advisory Committee, 1991-93

18. Search Committee for Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chair, 1992-93

19. Peer Review Panel, 1992

20. Search Committee for Director of Development HSS, 1993-94

21. HSS Research Committee, Chair, 1993-94

22. HSS Research and Development Committee, Chair, 1994-95

23. HSS Task Force on General Education, Chair, 1994-95, 1995-96

24. Budget Advisory Committee, 1994-95, 1995-96, Chair 1996-97

25. University Planning Committee, 1996-98


1. Technological Studies Program Council, 1974-78, Program Director 1976-77

2. Environmental Studies Board, 1976-80, 1981-82, 1984-86

3. Liberal Studies Board, 1979-80, 1982-83

    DEPARTMENTAL POSITIONS (Significant ones)

1. Acting Chair, Philosophy, UCSB, Summer 1969

2. Graduate Advisor, UCSB, 1967-69

3. Undergraduate Advisor, UCSB, 1967

4. Chair, Committee on Revision of Philosophy Ph.D. Program, UCSB, 1968-69

5. Chair, Philosophy, CSUF, 1975-76, 1990-93

6. Philosophy Department Personnel Committee, 1974-75, 1976-80, 1981-82, Chair 1983-88, 1993-97, Chair 1998-99, 2004-05

7. Philosophy Undergraduate Advisor, 1984-88, Fall 1996,1998-99, Fall 2000

8. Coordinator, Philosophy Department Symposium Committee, 1976-77, 1981-82, 1986-87, 1996-97, 2003-04

9. Chair, Division of Humanities (Linguistics, Philosophy and Religious Studies) 1992-93

10. Chair, Philosophy Department Search Committee, 1997-98,1998-99, 2004-05

11. Ellington Advisory Committee, 2011, 2012, 2013


1. Faculty Lecturer, Freshman Orientation Program, UCSB, 1968, 1972

2. Secretary, UCSB chapter of AAUP, 1968-69

3. CSUF American Studies Department Personnel Committee, 1983-84

4. CSUF Human Services Department Personnel Committee, 1988-89

5. Published a piece in The Senate Forum on General Education, 1994

6. Member of panel 'Re-engineering the University', in the CFA and Academic Senate Faculty Forum Series, 1994

7. Lectures to CLE on the Pre-Socratics, Spring 1995, Spring 1996

8. Lecture to CLE on the Philosophy of Language, Fall 1996

9. Interviewed by Presidential Review team, Fall 1995

10. Senate Forum book review, Darwinism Evolving by D. Depew and B. Weber, Fall 1995

11. Participant in General Education Symposium I: 2 presentations

12. Creative Teaching essay 'Learning is Pre-eminent: But Who is Doing the Learning?', May 1996

13. Participant, 1997 CSU Academic Conference (Cornerstones), Monterey Bay

14. Senate Forum essay 'My Summer Vacation', Fall 1996

15. Lecture to CLE on American Philosophy in the Twenty-first Century, 2000

16. Lecture to CLE on Aristotle's Metaphysics, 2002


1. Santa Barbara Community Council to End the War in Vietnam, Secretary1967-68, Chair 1968-69

2. Spoke on Vietnam at Dos Pueblos High School, Santa Barbara Community College and Santa Barbara Adult Education, 1969

3. Santa Barbara Vietnam Moratorium Days Committee, Co-chair, 1969

4. Santa Barbara Town Hall Meeting on Political Issues, Co-chair, 1970

5. Parents Advisory council, Glenmeade Elementary School (Chino), 1975-76

6. Academic Humanist Consultant to Teen-Age Resource Center (Fullerton) for development of grant application to the California Council for the Humanities for a program on 'Juvenile Justice in Orange County', 1976

7. Advisory Committee to the Teen-Age Resource Center concerning program development and evaluation for the Juvenile Justice Program, 1976-77

8. Appeared with Judge Raymond Vincent on a KEZY radio program concerning juvenile justice, 1976

9. Published in Forum Fifty, a publication of Channel 50, KOCE-TV, an essay on juvenile justice, 1977

10. Appeared on Channel 28, KCET, on the program '28 Tonight' concerning juvenile justice, 1977

11. Conducted, with Professors Craig Ihara and Michael Russell, a workshop entitled 'Philosophical Explorations of Violence' at the California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association Southern Regional Training Conference, 1977

12. Consultant to the Placentia Unified School District's 'The Second Three R's' program at Orchard and Glenview Schools, 1978

13. Spoke on 'Sources of Concern: Crisis or Problem?', a National Issues Forum on Energy and the Way We Live, sponsored by Santa Ana College, 1980

14. Program Consultant and Program Moderator to The Handicapped: Choices and Issues, sponsored by Saddleback Community College and funded by The California Council for the Humanities, 1980

15. Attended The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Confernce on Learning, Havana, Cuba, 2004

16. Meritorious Service Award, Claremont Unified School District, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1988-89

17. Youth soccer coach for years

18. Co-author Claremont Manifesto: A New Democratic Message - Prospectus for a Better World

19. Editor Progressive Democracy: The Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy

20.  Lectures to Claremont High School Democratic Club, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015