Symposium: held every Spring, our annual Philosophy Symposium is a two-day conference on a specific topic. Recent topics include: Philosophy of Emotion, Philosophy of Science Fiction, Disagreement, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Animals, Mass Incarceration, How and Why We Should Argue, and Moral Sentimentalism. Philosophy majors comment on the papers of professional philosophers.

Distinguished Alamshah speaker: Every fall. William Alamshah was a founding member of the department. Past Alamshah speakers include: Robert Bernasconi, Judith Butler, John Martin Fischer, Charles Guignon, Helen Fielding, Bonnie Mann, John McGowan, Shaun Nichols, Donald Rutherford, Eric Schwitzgebel, Michael Slote, and Linda Zagzebski.

Colloquium series: Every Fall and Spring.

FullPhil Conferences: held in summer, budget permitting. Previous themes include: Empathy (2006), and Virtue and Vice (2008).