Giving to the Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department prides itself on fostering faculty and student research. Our Philosophy Symposium, at which Philosophy Majors comment on the papers of professional Philosophers, has been held annually for over 40 years. We are especially proud to have alumni speak at the Philosophy Symposium. The Department also hosts an annual Alamshah lecture; and an annual colloquium series. The simple fact of the matter is that we would not be able to do any of this without donations from alumni and former faculty.

We are extremely grateful and lucky to have active and supportive alumni. We are especially grateful to the following alumni and former faculty members for their generosity: William Alamshah, Paul Hayner, Dorothy Taves Ellington, Craig and Claire Ihara, and Joe Kolb.

If you would like to support the Cal State Fullerton Philosophy Department, please consider making a gift to one of our funds. Our Paul C. Hayner fund is in dire need of support. This fund is solely used to give a graduating Philosophy Major an award for excellence. Unfortunately, Hayner funds are so low that they can no longer support the award.

We would be genuinely thrilled, and extremely grateful, to receive contributions in any amount, to any of our funds. Links can be found below to all of our funds. If you have questions about supporting the Philosophy Department, it would be my pleasure to answer them. I can be reached via email at

I hope to see you at our Symposia and Colloquia!


JeeLoo Liu, Chair

Links to our Funds

Philosophy Department, Gloria Rock Philosophy Scholarship Endowment, William H. Alamshah Memorial Endowment 

Craig and Claire Ihara Endowment for Philosophy 

Paul C. Hayner Memorial Endowment