How George Abiaad Puts Philosophy to Work at Royal Corporation

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"Philosophy expanded my range of understanding the reasoning behind cultural differences and equipped me with the tools for deciphering and breaking down complex issues. More importantly, it enhanced my abilities in the art of persuasion and taught me to think in a logical, sequential manner" (read more here).


How Philosophy Prepared Yamam Almouradi for a Career in Optometry


"The philosophical approach to critical thinking has helped my medical decision-making and strengthened my personal growth." Read more here.


How Philosophy Prepared Tamara Nguyen for her Career in Law


"Philosophy has played an important role in my success. It has provided me with the foundation to engage in effective critical thinking and reasoning, and has helped me hone my analytical skills. All of which enables me to utilize my written and oral skills of advocacy and argument in the legal practice. . . ." (Read more)



How Robert Guerrero uses his Philosophy degree in his work with a Fortune 200 company


"During my day to day in meetings, I find that my degree is constantly at work.  Having a background in philosophy helps me to use logic and critical thinking to get to the best outcome for the company." Read more here.


How Phil McWilliams Got "Hooked" on Philosophy and Used it in his Career


"You may have heard the old saw that 'Philosophy bakes no bread.' Well, it's not true. You can make money being a Philosopher. I did. . . ." (Read more)