Faculty Activities

Here is where you can learn more about our faculty and what we do both inside and outside the classroom.

Heather Battaly

  • Spencer Foundation grant for "Acquiring Intellectual Virtue" Spring 2012
  • Critic, Jason Baehr's book, The Inquiring Mind, Pacific APA, Seattle, April 2012

Matthew Calarco

  • Currently organizing this year's Symposium, "Thinking through Animals"
  • Published article, "Identity, Difference, Indistinction," in New Centennial Review (special issue: Animals . . . in Theory)
  • Provided jacket blurbs for Tyler's CIFERAEOpens in new window , Dekoven and Lundblad's Species Matters Opens in new window , Kishik's The Power of LifeOpens in new window

Brady Heiner

  • Recently accepted to participate in the 2012 National Summer Training Institute of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange ProgramOpens in new window at the University of Oregon. Inside-Out is a national organization that creates a dynamic partnership between institutions of higher learning and correctional systems. Now operating in over 120 colleges and universities nation-wide, Inside-Out brings undergraduates together with incarcerated men and women to study as peers in a seminar behind prison walls. After participating in the training institute,  Professor Heiner plans to establish a branch of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at CSUF.

Andrew Howat

  • Paper accepted at Erkenntnis on Peirce and Wittgenstein
  • Invited to give a paper to the University of Sheffield's Pragmatism Reading Group in June 
  • Attending the 'Cambridge Pragmatism Workshop' at the University of Cambridge, UK at the end of May

JeeLoo Liu

  • Co-edited book: Consciousness and the Self Opens in new window , Cambridge University Press, Jan. 2012.
  • Grant: Templeton Foundation grant for one-year paid leave, 2011-12

Ryan Nichols

  • Presented "The Origins and Effects of Shame in Early Confucianism" at the April 2012 American Philosophical Association's Pacific Division Meeting to the International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy
  • At the same meeting, he presented "A Science of Science Fiction: Applying Quantitative Analysis to Genre Individuation."