Faculty Activities

Here is where you can learn more about our faculty and what we do both inside and outside the classroom.

Matthew Calarco

  • “Le face-à-face au delà de l’anthropocentrisme.” In Visages. Eds. Laurent Guido et al. Lausanne: BHMS, 2017.
  • “The Three Ethologies.” In Encountering Animal Bodies. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
  • “Beyond the Management of Pe(s)ts.” In The Ethics and Rhetoric of Invasion Ecology. Ed. James. K. Stanescu. Lexington, 2017.

John Davis

  • “Faultless disagreement, cognitive command, and epistemic peers,” Synthese 192(1) (2015): 1-24.
  • Editor of Ethics at the End of Life: New Issues and Arguments, Routledge Press, forthcoming.

Brady Heiner

  • Recently accepted to participate in the 2012 National Summer Training Institute of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program Opens in new window at the University of Oregon. Inside-Out is a national organization that creates a dynamic partnership between institutions of higher learning and correctional systems. Now operating in over 120 colleges and universities nation-wide, Inside-Out brings undergraduates together with incarcerated men and women to study as peers in a seminar behind prison walls. After participating in the training institute,  Professor Heiner plans to establish a branch of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at CSUF.

Andrew Howat

  • Paper accepted at Erkenntnis on Peirce and Wittgenstein
  • Invited to give a paper to the University of Sheffield's Pragmatism Reading Group in June 
  • Attending the 'Cambridge Pragmatism Workshop' at the University of Cambridge, UK at the end of May

Emily Lee

  • “Being-as-a-Model Minority,” forthcoming, 50 Key Words in Phenomenology, eds. Ann Murphy, Gail Weiss, and Gayle Salamon, Evanston: Northwestern University Press.
  • “A Problem with Conceptually Paralleling Race and Class: Regarding the Question of Choice,” forthcoming Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, v. 39, n. 2 (Spring 2018).
  • “Identity-in-Difference to Avoid Indifference,” The Future of Feminist Phenomenologies, eds. Helen Fielding and Dorothea Olkowski, 313-327. Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2017.

JeeLoo Liu

  • Co-edited book: Consciousness and the Self Opens in new window , Cambridge University Press, Jan. 2012.
  • Grant: Templeton Foundation grant for one-year paid leave, 2011-12

Ryan Nichols

  • Lead author on a forthcoming article in Journal of Asian Studies entitled “Modeling the contested relationship between Analects, Mencius, and Xunzi: Preliminary evidence from a Machine-Learning Approach,” which takes an entirely new approach to the study of these classic Chinese texts.  

  • Recently began (8/2017) a three-year John Templeton Foundation funded “Academic Cross-Training” project that affords him time to take courses at CSUF, UCLA, Fuller Theological Seminary and UCI, and to develop new skills of use for research about what made China Chinese.

  • Continues to work on interdisciplinary research review papers on women and gender in China, footbinding in economic and evolutionary psychological contexts, and China’s alleged moral crisis.