Emeritus and Adjunct Faculty


The emeritus and adjunct faculty of the Department of Philosophy are experienced instructors and philosophers. Each brings to the department a unique perspective and diverse life experiences. Among the emeritus and adjunct faculty are:

Rob Allison ABD plato1429@gmail.com
James Crippen Ph.D. jcrippenjr@fullerton.edu
Laura Beeby Ph.D. lbeeby@fullerton.edu
Scott Galloway ABD. sgalloway@fullerton.edu
Jennifer Herrera   jeherrera@fullerton.edu
Douglas Hill Ph.D. dohill@fullerton.edu
Bach Ho ABD bho@fullerton.edu
Craig Ihara, Emeritus Ph.D. cihara@fiullerton.edu
Gary Jason Ph.D. drgaryjjason@gmail.com
Maura Priest ABD mpriest@fullerton.edu
Timothy Quandt ABD tquandt@fullerton.edu
Merrill Ring, Emeritus Ph.D. m36ring@earthlink.net
Patrick Ryan ABD patrick.thomas.ryan@gmail.com
William Rowley M.A. wrowley@fullerton.edu
J. Michael Russell, Emeritus Ph.D. jmrussell@fullerton.edu
Graham McFee Ph.D. gmcfee@fullerton.edu
Jason Sheley Ph.D. jsheley@fullerton.edu
Shlomo Sher   Ph.D. ssher@fullerton.edu
Jonathan Shoemaker Ph.D. jshoemak@uci.edu
Richard Vulich Ph.D. rvulich@fullerton.edu