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Morganna Lambeth, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


I work in the history of philosophy (especially, German philosophy) and aesthetics. Most of my current research asks how bias interacts with our interpretation of texts. On the one hand, I consider how we should interpret philosophers (like Kant) who incorporate prejudices into their philosophical works; how do these prejudices sit with their more widely embraced philosophical views? On the other hand, I am also interested in how reader bias can impact their interpretation of texts, with recent research considering how reader bias can obstruct their reading of novels.

In addition to my research interests, I have teaching interests in Latin American philosophy, and I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with students in this area.


Ph.D. Northwestern University

M.A. University of California Riverside

B.A. University of Chicago

Research Areas

19th-20th Century Continental Philosophy, Kant, Heidegger, Aesthetics

Courses Regularly Taught

PHIL 290 Greek Philosophy

PHIL 300 Rationalism and Empiricism

PHIL 301 Kant and the 19th Century



Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant: The Violence and the Charity (Cambridge University Press, 2023)



“Reconsidering Heidegger’s Temporal Idealism: Finding a Successful Argument with the Help of Fichte and Hegel” (with Christopher Yeomans). Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy (forthcoming).

“Resisting Tiny Heroes: Kant on the Mechanism and the Scope of Imaginative Resistance” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 80.2 (2022): 164-176.

“A Tale of Two Faculties: Heidegger’s Method of Interpreting Kant.” History of Philosophy Quarterly 38.1 (2021): 57-80.

“A Proposal for Translating Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant.” Gatherings: Heidegger Circle Annual 11 (2021): 20-57.

“Heidegger, Technology, and the Body.” Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy (2019): 28-47.

“An Objection to Kant’s Second Analogy.” Kant Yearbook 7 (2015): 97-114.

“Heidegger’s Last God” (with Mark Wrathall). Inquiry 54.2 (2011): 160-182.



“A Case for Heidegger’s Interpretation of the Kantian Imagination.” Proceedings of the 13th International Kant Congress ‘The Court of Reason’ (Oslo, 6-9 August 2019). Camilla Serck-Hanssen and Beatrix Himmelmann (Eds.). Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2021. 1285-1293.

“Do We Identify Human Events with Kant’s Concept of Cause? A Defense of Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant.” Perspektiven mit Heidegger. Gerhard Thonhauser (Ed.).  Freiburg/München: Karl Alber, 2017. 267-282.  


Reviews/Lexicon Entries

“Review of Heidegger on Being Self-Concealing by Kate Withy.” Journal of the History of Philosophy 62.2 (forthcoming).

“Apperception,” in: Cambridge Heidegger Lexicon (2021), ed. Mark Wrathall, Cambridge University Press.

“Certainty,” in: Cambridge Heidegger Lexicon (2021), ed. Mark Wrathall, Cambridge University Press.

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“Review of Heidegger’s Shadow: Kant, Husserl, and the Transcendental Turn by Chad Engelland.” Journal of Transcendental Philosophy 1.2 (2020): 257-263.

Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:20am-12:50pm

Current Course Schedule

PHIL 300 (Rationalism and Empiricism)

Next Semester Course Schedule

PHIL 300 (Rationalism and Empiricism)

PHIL 315 (Philosophical Argument and Writing)