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Heather D Battaly

Chair and Professor of Philosophy 


2000, Ph.D, Syracuse University

Research Areas

Epistemology, Ethics, Virtue Theory


Since 2010 (for complete list see CV):

“Virtue Epistemology and Virtue Ethics” co-authored with Michael Slote. In Lorraine Besser-Jones and Michael Slote, eds. Routledge Companion to Virtue Ethics, forthcoming.

“Varieties of Epistemic Vice.” In Jon Matheson and Rico Vitz, eds. The Ethics of Belief, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

“Acquiring Epistemic Virtue: Emotions, Situations, and Education.” In Abrol Fairweather and Owen Flanagan, eds. Naturalizing Epistemic Virtue, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

“Intellectual Virtues.” In Stan Van Hooft and Nicole Saunders, eds. Handbook of Virtue Ethics, Acumen, in press.

“Detecting Epistemic Vice in Higher Education Policy: Epistemic Insensibility in the Seven Solutions and the REF” Philosophy of Education 47, no 2 (2013): 263-280.

“Sosa’s Reflective Knowledge: How Damaging is Epistemic Circularity?” Synthese vol 188, no 2 (2012): 289-308.

“Is Empathy a Virtue?” In Amy Coplan and Peter Goldie, eds. Empathy: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives, Oxford University Press, Dec. 2011: 277-301.

Virtue and Vice, Moral and Epistemic. Editor. Wiley-Blackwell, November 2010.

“Epistemic Self-indulgence.” Metaphilosophy, vol 41, issue 1-2 (Jan 2010): 214-234.

“Attacking Character: Ad Hominem Argument and Virtue Epistemology” Informal Logic vol 30, no 4 (2010): 361-390. 

Scholarly Work

I work primarily on Virtue Epistemology and Virtue Ethics. I am currently writing a book on Virtue (Polity Press).

Office Hours

M: 3 to 5 PM

Th: 2 to 4 PM