Symposium: held every Spring, our annual Philosophy Symposium is a two-day conference on a specific topic. Recent topics include: Philosophy of Emotion, Philosophy of Science Fiction, Consciousness, Disagreement, Philosophy of Race, and Philosophy of Animals. Philosophy Majors comment on the papers of professional Philosophers.

Distinguished Alamshah speaker: Every fall. William Alamshah was a founding member of the department. Past Alamshah speakers include: Robert Bernasconi, Judith Butler, John Martin Fischer, Charles Guignon, Helen Fielding, Bonnie Mann, John McGowan, Shaun Nichols, Donald Rutherford, Eric Schwitzgebel, Michael Slote, and Linda Zagzebski.

Colloquium series: Every Fall and Spring. See Events Calendar.

FullPhil Conferences: held in summer, budget permitting. Empathy (2006); Virtue and Vice (2008).