The 52nd Annual 

Cal State Fullerton Philosophy Symposium

Virtue and Affect for Social Robots

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April 18-19, 2024

Location: Titan Theater, TSU, CSUF.

Day 1 | April 18 (Thursday)


8:30 AM | Reception

9:00-9:15 AM | Welcoming Speech

JeeLoo Liu, Faculty Organizer

Cadenkumar Hise, Student Organizing Committee Chair


9:15–10:45 AM | “Appearance or Reality: Does AI Need Emotions?”

Colin Allen, Philosophy
University of California, Santa Barbara

Chair: Diego Rojas

Respondent: Grant Ashley


10:45-11:00 AM Coffee Break with Fruit and Nut Bar


11:00 –12:30 PM | “What Emotions for Robots?”

Raffaele Rodogno, Philosophy
University of Lausanne and EPFL, Switzerland

Chair: Sara Amintinat

Respondent: Masha Rapp



12:30–2:00 PM | Lunch Break


2:00–3:30 PM | “Roles of Affect in Computational Architectures for Social Robots”

Matthias Scheutz, Computer Science
Tufts University

Chair: Nathan Padilla

Respondent: Fatimah Alamouri


3:30-3:45 PM Short Coffee Break with Refreshments 


3:45–5:15 PM | “Machines can shape social interactions with artificial emotions, but should they?”

Jonathan Gratch, Computer Science and Psychology
University of Southern California

Chair: Masha Rapp

Respondent: Liliana Anderson


5:30-6:30 PM | Alumni Session:

Risa Flores, CSUF Philosophy Graduate of 2022

Chair: Brandon Alonso-Ramos

Respondent: Cadenkumar Hise


7:00 PM | Dinner Reception

Day 2 | April 19 (Friday)


8:30 AM Refreshments


9:00–10:30 AM | “Attention, Self-Control, and (Virtuous) Machine Ethics"

Paul Bello, Integrated Cognitive Systems
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Chair: Grant Ashley

Respondent: Diego Rojas


10:30-10:45 AM Coffee Break with Fruit and Nut Bar


10:45 AM – 12:15 PM | "The Disciplinary Power of Roboticists: A Matrix-Guided Technology Power Analysis"

Tom Williams, Computer Science
Colorado School of Mines

Chair: Zachary Berenbaum

Respondent: Sara Amintinat


12:30–2:00 PM | Lunch Break



2:00–3:30 PM | “A Robot Just for You: Multimodal Personalized Human-Robot Interaction and the Future of Work and Care"

Maja Matarić, Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Pediatrics
University of Southern California

Chair: Vance Ollom

Respondent: Cristian Ybarra


3:30-3:45 PM Short Coffee Break  


3:45–5:15 PM | “Robots for Therapy and Education: Three Stories about Ethics”

Brian Scassellati, Computer Science,
Cognitive Science, and Mechanical Engineering
Yale University

Chair: Risa Flores

Respondent: Brandon Alonso-Ramos


6:00 PM Post-Symposium Party [Location TBA]
All participants are welcome!

Sponsored by
California State University, Fullerton’s Department of Philosophy, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the H&SS Inter Club Council, and Philosophy Club. 

Faculty Organizers: Professor JeeLoo Liu 
Student Organizing Committee:
Cadenkumar Hise, Kassra Amidi





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