50 Years of Philosophy Symposia

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50 Year Celebration & 51st Symposium Schedules

Events are taking place in the CSUF Campus Library in PLN-130 unless noted otherwise.

April 4, 2023: Celebrating 50 Years of the CSUF Philosophy Symposium

8:30 AM | Registration & Continental Breakfast 

9:00 AM | Welcome to Philosophy Alumni & Returning Faculty

Emily Lee 
Chair of Philosophy 

Sheryl Fontaine 
Dean of College of H&SS 

Framroze Virjee 
President CSUF

9:15 AM | A Brief History of The CSUF Symposium

Craig Ihara
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy 

9:30-10:30 AM | Open Mic/Memories of Philosophy at Fullerton 

Moderator – Phil McWilliams, CSUF Class ’76 

10:40 AM-12:00 PM | Career Advice From Successful Alumni

Moderator – Craig Ihara 
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy 

Teaching Philosophy - Joseph Hwang, Ph.D.
Tenured Instructor 
Pasadena City College 

Law - Kenneth Stevan Burgi 
Attorney at Law 
Newport Beach 

Law - Jerold Ramirez
3rd Year Law Student 
Howard University Law School 

Business - Beata Bujalska Kramer 
Google Operations Manager, 

Psychoanalysis - Roxy Green, Ph.D. 
Research Psychoanalyst 

Environment -Jack Smith 
Nursery Manager & Arborist at TreePeople  

Software Engineering - Max Kirchoff, 
VP Technology CertifID 

New Technology Development - Michael Gregory Pettus 
Founder CTO Vubiq Networks, Inc, 

12:00-1:30 PM | Box Lunch with Alum of Your Choice 

1:45-3:30 PM | The Last Fifty Years in Philosophy 

Moderator – Shari Starrett 
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy 

Rich Booher, Professor of Philosophy
DeAnza College 
“The History of German Idealism: The Growth of the Spruce” 

Mitch Avila, Provost California State University, 
Channel Islands  
“Kantian Constructivism, Political Liberalism, and 
Standpoint Epistemology” 

Heather Battaly, Professor of Philosophy,
University of Connecticut 
“Vice and Extremism” 

David Depew, Emeritus Professor 
University of Iowa 
“Is Philosophy (Still) a Way of Life?” 

Merrill Ring, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, CSUF “CSUF Philosophy and Me”

3:45-5:15 PM | Panel: The Next Fifty Years in Philosophy

Moderator – Ryan Nichols, Professor of Philosophy, CSUF 

Mahesh Ananth, Associate Professor 
Indiana University South Bend 
“Moving Forward: Applied Philosophy of Biology” 

Kevin Houser, Lecturer 
Cal Poly San Louis Obispo
“Preserving the Ethical Conditions for Rational Thought” 

Erica Nieblas, Ph.D. Candidate 
University of Colorado 
“Who is Going to Change AI? How Cross-Sectional Collaborative Projects Can Shape the Future of Academic Philosophy”

Andrew Lopez, Ph.D. Candidate 
Queen’s University
“Belonging to a Changing World: Citizenship, Membership 
and Community” 

6:00-8:30 PM | Banquet at Cedar Creek Inn  

20 Pointe Dr. (on Lambert, just east of the 57 Frwy) 
Brea, CA 92821.  -  (714)255-5600

April 5, 2023: 51st Philosophy Symposium: Examining Extremism

9:15 AM | Continental Breakfast

9:45-10:00 AM  | Opening Remarks
 Joshua DiPaolo 
Cal State Fullerton

10:00-11:15  AM | Extremist Women and Fanaticism
Tracy Llanera 
University of Connecticut

Student Commentary: Risa Flores

11:30-12:45 PM | Conspiracy Theories, Resistance to Evidence, and Propaganda
M. Giulia Napolitano 
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Student Commentary: Cesar Villatoro

12:45-2:30 PM | Lunch (Ontiveros Room TSU)

2:30-3:45 PM | The Chilling Effect and the Heating Effect
Robert Simpson 
University College London

Student Commentary: Zach Berenbaum

4:00-5:00 PM | Martin Luther King Jr. on Fear and Fearlessness
Meena Krishnamurthy 
Queen’s University

Student Commentary: Cadenkumar Hise

6:00 PM | Dinner at Hidalgo's

305 N Harbor Blvd #111, Fullerton, CA 92832

Speakers, Faculty, Student Commenters

(RSVP Only Contact Prof. DiPaolo) 

April 6, 2023: 51st Philosophy Symposium: Examining Extremism

9:15 AM | Continental Breakfast

9:45-10:30 AM  | The Role of Epistemic Vice and Virtue for Extremist Mindsets
Heather Muraviov (Alumna) 
University of Connecticut

Student Commentary: Andrea Delgado

10:30-11:15  AM | Language-Games: Cult and Culture
Chavva Olander (Alumna) 
Cal State Long Beach

Student Commentary: Austin Mooney

11:30-12:45 PM | The Puzzle of Commitment
Paul Katsafanas 
Boston University

Student Commentary: Madison Favela

12:45-2:30 PM | Lunch (Ontiveros Room TSU)

2:30-4:15 PM | Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis
Quassim Cassam (Keynote) 
University of Warwick

Student Commentary: Daisy Kooiman, Kassra Amidi

5:30 PM | Potluck Party at Prof. Craig Ihara's Home

Student organizers and volunteers include

Cadenkumar Hise, Risa Flores, Kassra Amidi, Andrea Delgado, Maddy Hernandez, Zachary Berenbaum, Daisy Kooiman, Madison Favela, Austin Mooney, and Cesar Villatoro.


Special thanks for support of the 50th Symposium Celebration: Craig Ihara. Special thanks to Cadenkumar Hise for all his hard work and dedication to Symposium Planning. 

Parking Information Please visit the Parking and Transportation Services website.

Questions For all questions regarding the 51st Symposium, please email Josh DiPaolo.